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General information

Veterinary Partner: This is a great site to search for information on any number of topics, from specific diseases to behavior concerns. The information is written by veterinarians or allied professionals.

Indoor Cat: This is the website for the Indoor Cat Initiative, which details a lot of useful and important information for keeping indoor cats happy and healthy.

Texas Pet Care and Wellness: This is a great site providing answers to health questions for Texas domestic and extotic pet owners. 

Pet Portal Vetstreet: This is a portal that will allow clients to login and view all vaccine information on their pets if they have an active email on file in the hospital. 

Chronic renal failure in cats

Feline CRF: This is simply an incredible site that will give you more information about kidney failure than you can take in during one sitting! If your cat has been diagnosed with kidney disease, you absolutely should visit this site.




Dogs and Cats

These are all good sites to start your self-education on diabetes in your pet. The more you understand about the disease, the better you will be able to care for your pet. The pictures and slide shows on home glucose testing are particularly useful if you are ready to start monitoring your pet’s blood sugar at home.


Household Hazards

ASPCA: We all have a home full of human medicines, food, plants and decorations but is your home safe for your pet? Check here to learn about the most common household hazards


Physical therapy/rehab, splints/bandages

Rehabilitation and Conditioning for Animals

Ortho Vet


Trainers, behavior modification

Hearts and Paws: This is a family-operated training and day care facility just around the corner from Lakeline Animal Care. They offer a free “home manners” class that is an excellent way to gain an introduction to the trainers and get started on helping your dog learn acceptable behavior. Many of our own employees and their dogs have benefited from classes at Hearts and Paws.

Taurus Dog Training: This training facility has several locations around the Austin area, for our clients that live farther away from our clinic.


Pet medical insurance

Pet Insurance Review: This site “rates” pet insurance companies based on client reviews, and compares rates/coverage. Good place to start your decision making about pet insurance.

Trupanion: This company is new to the US, but has been providing service to committed pet owners in Canada since 2002. Trupanion is geared toward accidents and illness coverage.

VetMedicine Insurance: For a discussion about the pros/cons of obtaining insurance for your pet.

Pet's Best: A selection of pet medical insurance companies to look into