Lakeline Animal Care

12010 RR 620 N
Austin , TX 78750


Boarding for Cats

We are proud to offer your pets the very finest in boarding facilities and services!

Without question, our cat house provides the most charming and luxurious accommodations available for your cat. Your precious pet will enjoy his or her own unique hotel room. Each room is warmly decorated with its’ own kitty-sized furniture to help your cat feel completely relaxed and at home. Each room also has a large window, so choose a view for your cat — either overlooking the lovely reception lobby on the cat side, or overlooking the lush green lawn behind the main building.

These are not simply the double-sized cages that some boarding facilities call “condos”, these are actually private, plush rooms located upstairs in our main building. There are 18 individual condos, with two that are double sized for families with multiple cats.

Each room has a window with a view, with a bed or hammock at window level. Each room also has a shelf, under which the more shy cats can retreat for a more private and secure feeling. Each room is uniquely decorated with a “theme”; for example, there’s an “Elvis” room, and a “flowers” room, to add to the homey feel. You must see these rooms to appreciate how nice they are!

Adorable, cozy cat-sized furniture allows your cat to truly lounge about! Couches, chairs, unique beds, and soft blankets are all provided to help your cat feel right at home. Feel free to bring your cat’s own bed or blanket if preferred.

We have two double-sized rooms for multi-cat families. These rooms are first-come/first-serve, so arrive early on the day of check-in if you want the best chance of getting two or more cats in these rooms. Rest assured, our regular condos are PLENTY big for two or three kitties also!

Without question, our cat boarding facility is the nicest in the Austin area. Our dedicated cat caretaker, Hazel, loves to do whatever she can to make her charges comfortable and happy. If any medical problem arises while boarding, our attentive doctors and staff are right on site to attend to your cat’s needs. Come take a tour!

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